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Update 6 is up
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:57:01 pm »
Hi Everyone,

We are excited to finally bring you today’s Atari VCS update and so glad you are on this journey with us! As you have surely noticed, we have not been very vocal lately, mainly because we have shifted into full-on production mode. As the King of Rock and Roll might say, “A little less conversation, a little more action, please.” The Atari VCS team is working hard to do all that is needed to make this product and platform truly amazing. We have said it over and over and want you all to keep hearing it: We are committed to making sure every Atari VCS backer and user gets a game and entertainment platform that you will love. We will not let you down!

As promised, we gave you, the backers and believers, the floor and had you submit questions for Atari VCS System Architect Rob Wyatt to answer. We received so many great questions that we had to consolidate them and focus on the most popular, and ones that Rob and the VCS team felt most comfortable answering at this point. But what we can share and discuss here and now is exciting to us and we hope it will be for you too. A few of Rob’s responses actually answer some of the additional questions we didn’t choose to “showcase.” As the project progresses, we'll keep coming back to answer even more of your questions.

As you know, the Atari VCS is a living and evolving project and that is manifest in some of Rob’s very thoughtful and detailed answers. The team really is listening to your suggestions and taking action where possible, so we hope you are as excited to dig in as we are to share!

Without further ado, please hit the link  below for our first Q&A with Rob Wyatt of Atari VCS!

Link to Atari VCS Q&A on

-- The Atari VCS Team